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Autoglym Fast Glass (500ml bottle)

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Autoglym Fast Glass 500ml Spray Bottle

  • Fast Glass glass cleaner     
  • 500ml bottle

A clean windscreen and side windows are essential for safe driving. Autoglym provides this super spray-on cleaner for rapid window cleaning - both inside and out - to produce a crystal clean, smear free finish on glass and plastic windows. Autoglym Fast Glass is free of abrasives, silicones and waxes, and leaves no residue. As it contains no abrasives, it is especially recommended for use on acrylic and plastic windows, where an abrasive cleaner could etch and haze the surface with frequent use. Autoglym Fast Glass can also be used on interior plastics to remove dust and on paintwork to safely remove insects, tree sap and bird droppings if immediate washing is inconvenient. Make sure you re-polish and re-seal treated paintwork surfaces. It will also remove Super Resin Polish from plastic and rubber trim if accidentally applied whilst polishing (may require assistance from a toothbrush if dried on). Many domestic glass cleaners contain wax and silicone for cosmetic effect - but may cause dangerous windscreen smearing in wet weather if used on your car.

Crystal clean, smear free windows inside and out in no time at all
Suitable for glass and plastic, non-abrasive
No wax or silicone to leave dangerous smearing
Also handy for on the spot clean ups on interior and bodyworkove boxes to revive and shine.



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